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friends only - comment to be added
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pretty ^^ and matt's back!!! *breaks out the doritos* mmmmm.
yeah so yeah...how come you havent added my new name? Im not coooooool enough anymore?!?!?! ::sobs::
which one?

THIS one!! (if you had READ my journal you would have known! ::taps foot::) Heeehehehe. Just teasin'. :P
hey this is mightymullet, if you wouldn't mind adding me back on your friends list :)
good party u had..yes..woo
hey hey hey. I'm Meghan, no, you dont know me. I just ran across yoru journal.
I'm not very interesting... but you seem to be. Add me?
welcome to the least worthwhile corner of the internet.

i like your rules. in your profile. why do you make your livejournal friends only? are you trying to get rid of us lurkers? that's not very nice. we like you, even if you don't like us.
nope, because my lj is dangerously emo...

hey! you added me. thanks.
i love how the first thing i read in your bio was "
"I was abandoned by my parents and raised by wolves until I was twelve"

add me
for rachelle?
Hey, Neal here. You came over with Anna last night. You're a-okay, so now we're INTERNET FRIENDZ
You sound awesome. I'd like to add you, if'n you don't mind.
lo, you have been added

You haven't phoned yet. :(

(I'm off all of Saturday if you wanna plan the hanging and whatnots.)